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Counselors' Office

The counseling office is currently staffed with one full-time credentialed counselor,  Belen Soriano Morales, one half-time credentialed counselor, Steven Jerrems (T, Th, and every other F).

Our counselors will be available for consultation and guidance throughout the school year.  We encourage all students and parents to meet with the counselors any time they have concerns relating to class programs, academic progress, or any area relating to school.   Students wishing to see the counselors should fill out a “Request for Counseling” slip in the Main Office giving some indication of the nature of the problem and the urgency of the services needed.  Parents may ask to schedule a parent/teacher conference or a meeting with a counselor by calling the main office.

Students who need to see a counselor right away should report to their teacher to have their agenda book signed before going to the counseling office so that the teacher can take attendance.  

Important Dates 2021-2022

Mid-term Progress Reports:

  • October 1
  • January 21
  • April 29

Report Cards:  (mailed home approximately one week after the following trimester end dates)

  • November 19
  • March 11
  • June 17
Guide for Students

How to Be Successful in the Classroom

  • Learn how to adapt to different teachers.

  • Be in school, on time, everyday.

  • Be prepared for each class. Participate in class.

  • Be a good group member.

  • Treat others with courtesy and respect.

  • Involve your parents.

Student Study Skills

  • Prepare to learn as you begin each class (notebook open, materials ready, homework ready to turn in, focus on the subject…)

  • List your homework (from the classroom homework board) in your Agenda Book.

  • Ask your teachers to sign your Agenda Book everyday.

  • Follow the exact directions given by your teachers on tests and assignments.

  • Write all important information from the whiteboard or overhead into your notebook.

  • Always ask your teacher a question when you don’t understand something in class.

  • Ask your parents, teacher or counselor for help whenever necessary.

  • NEVER DISRUPT CLASS- Use class time for learning!

  • Do all your homework and class work.  Turn assignment in on time, even if you struggle and don’t understand all of the assignment.

  • Start long-term assignments the day they are assigned.

  • Study for tests a little every day and as many days as possible before a test.

  • Improve your reading skills by reading age-appropriate books for ½ hour each evening.  Take reading counts tests as soon as possible after completing the book.

  • Learning the course material and earning passing grades will make you proud and your parents proud and you will not have to attend summer school

Useful Parent Interventions
  • Check your student’s agenda book daily.

  • Your student can ask their teachers to initial the agenda book everyday and you can communicate by writing a note to teachers in the agenda book.

  • Check your student’s homework and match it with the assignment written in the agenda book.

  • Email teachers and/or counselors with questions or concerns.

  • Set up a conference with your student’s teachers.  Contact the main CMS office.

  • Contact your child’s school counselor. 


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